The Hitched Hikers:

Chronicles the traveling adventures of one couple, Andrew & Sydney, the food they eat, the booze they drink, the sites they see, and the people they meet along the way.

Sydney Andrew-0193


Graduation2 851

Sydney could best be described by her love of food and travel. She is an avid nutritionist and can scarcely go a day without vegetables. She has a clinical addiction to Ethiopian food (and Thai food, and Indian food, and german food, and well, all food)… You can frequently find her cooking, gardening, horseback riding, or mentally rehearsing her next meal. Her nutrient fanaticism will be vindicated as she outlives her peers by 20 years.

Sydney is an accomplished equestrian, regular runner, and aspiring small farm owner (of goats, llamas, and horses).  Her adventurous attitude is perfectly complemented by her husband, but provides a more tempered and cautious outlook that pushes Andrew’s ideas to a healthy compromise. Her recent victories include thwarting Andrew’s attempts to include a honeymoon detour through Serbia or visiting a city along the Turkish/Syrian border.

Her hopelessly biased husband would tell you she is a stunning beauty and the highlight of his day.


Sydney Andrew-0501

Andrew’s fun loving, adventure seeking personality may be his most defining trait. Rarely does he go a day without master minding a new excursion or contemplating his next exotic destination. He always has a new project, hobby, or interest that he is pursuing whole-heartedly. Just with in the last two years Sydney and Andrew have experimented with home-winemaking, wine retail, road tripping, dining bogs, day trading, commercial cheesecake production (that only lasted a day), learning/teaching german/spanish/french/chinese, joining the peace-corps, home-made vanilla extract, yogurt making, soap making, painting, horseback-riding, and starting a political consulting business. Andrew is fluent in German and has a passion for languages, culture, reading, politics, law, history, and a new found love- horseback riding.

Currently, Andrew is making his way through Law School all the while sending Sydney his latest travel idea (road trip through the balkans, food tour of Oaxaca).

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