Colombia Trip

The Hitched Hikers are going back online for the 2013 Colombia trip.

Starting Dec. 13, a&s will be traveling through Cartagena, Medellin, and Santa Marta in Colombia.

Stay tuned.Image

4 thoughts on “Colombia Trip

  1. Hey Uncle Kent,

    We’ll take an armed escort if you’re offering! The security situation in Colombia has improved dramatically over the last 15 years, however, the tourism market hasn’t quite caught up to that fact. Thus, the country is amazingly affordable (decent lodging at $25/night, food at $20/day). Plus, the sights are pretty amazing. Check out this, Tayrona National Park:

    Beautiful beaches of Tayrona National Natural Park

    We will also be stopping in Panama City. As I recall, you were there under different circumstances. Were you in Operation Just Cause? Or was that just training?

  2. We flew into to Panama City to transistion over to the Atlantic side. Fort Sherman was the old home of the Army Jungle Warfare Center where we completed our jungle combat certification. We got to spend one night in Panama City and that was quite an adventure.

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