Party Istanbul

I love watching pop music videos in different countries. Mostly because they’re endearingly awful. This is one that I found while flipping through the channels at our hotel in Istanbul. It’s somewhat amusing and thought I’d share, more for the cultural curiosities than anything else.

Parti Istanbul:

What’s most interesting about this music video is what is NOT included. This video is an amusing “a la carte” take on western-style partying and hip-hop.In the West, hip-hop icons set the gold standard for partying as being generally boozy, sex-filled nights of reckless abandon, generally taking place at a trendy club and the primary agents being chauvanistic men with aviator shades, expensive clothing, sometimes jewlery, lots of swagger.

This video is clearly emulative of much of that. You’ve got the trendy club, the clothes, attitudes, and swagger.

However, in what is perhaps an amusing display of sexual modesty in Turkish culture, this video is remarkably light on scantily clad party girls. This video (but for it being in turkish) would fit perfectly into the American hip-hop genre of frivolous party-driven hedonism, except for being almost totally devoid of sex. Just a brief fly-by of some dimly-lit belly-dancing. No booze either.

Perhaps this as far as you can push it in Turkish culture. At any rate it was very interesting to me.


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