Top 5 Crazy Eats in Europe So Far

For anyone who’s noticed, Sydney and I love to eat. I thought that some of our more unusual food experiences might be of interest for any of our readers (but most likely just us).

5. Norwegian Brown Caramel Cheese

If someone told you it was caramel, you’d have no problem eating it. Somehow, a brown caramelly cheese seems to turn some Americans off. It’s called brunost and it’s quite good, however, and is a staple of norwegian breakfast. Just slap it on a piece of bread lathered in butter and chow down. Nice and fatty.

4. Pickled Herring on Toast

I don’t know about you, but I’m like Pavlov’s dog when you throw some chunks of a dead pickled fish on a slice of toast. No, really, they eat this. Fish chunks on toast. Pickled. It’s actually pretty good once you got past the fish scales on your bread.

3. Liverballs with bacon sauce

What’s more appetizing than two heaping balls of liver drizzled in bacon sauce and sauerkraut? Probably a lot of things. But this was some seriously good german food. I’d order this on any given day. It has a corn beef hash kind of taste and the bacon sauce gives it a more savory flavor. The kraut was on point as well. Man, I love sauerkraut.

2. Lard on bread

So this was kind of a big deal. In Panzano (Tuscany) there is a butcher named Dario Cecchini who is probably the most famous butcher in Italy and perhaps the world (see Anthony Bourdain’s trip here). We walked into his store and he was rocking out to ACDC and slicing up mounds of meat for a variety of customers. His flunkeys (in pictures below) were serving free tuscan food to anyone who stopped by.

Included in that spread is a bowl full of pure artery-clogging fat. He lathered it onto a few slices of bread and gave it to us. It was really delicious. I needed more. It was herbed with rosemary and olive oil and was way better than I could’ve expected.

1. Cow Stomach #4 Peasant Sandwich

The Florentine peasant favorite the “Lampredotto” is the fourth stomach of a cow, with tomatoes onions and other spices, served hot on a baguette doused in more of the lampredotto juices. We ordered this from a food truck surrounded by locals, and ate it on a bench with plastic cups filled with cheap wine. Keepin’ it classy in Firenze. Oh,  and it was delicious.

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