So, Things Got a Little Crazy the Other Night

While in Bamberg we got to try a very traditional meal for the area: Laeberkaes and Rauchbier. Laeberkaes (which literally translates to liver cheese and is a lot more appetizing than it sounds) is a mixture of a variety of different meats and was traditionally consumed by the peasants of Bamberg. At the Schlenkerla brewery in Bamberg it is consumed with a traditional Rauchbier (translating to smoke beer). This beer tastes exactly like bacon. It was a strange experience to drink bacon from a black foamy glass. However, it was surprisingly delicious and we ate heartily like a good german should.

And then we partied…

After an incredible day trip to Bamberg the other day we went to Wurzburg to attend their annual celebration called Kiliani. Of course, there was lots of beer, standing on tables, singing, dancing, beer, lederhosen, beer and beer. We had a lot of fun. Below are pictures.

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