The Ultimate German Lunch

On a trip to Speyer yesterday we had the most amazing German meal. Sure enough we took tons of photos. What you see are Bratwurst, Lebenknoeddel (liver balls), and sauerkraut, with a hefeweizen and a hell bier.

We ate way too much…

Sydney also found a strange horse statue with german pretzels on its head… Definitely worth posting.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate German Lunch

  1. Henson, enjoying the blog. Wish Becca and I had done one in Italy. More importantly, what does a “Hell Bier” translate to in English, and where can I get one?

    • Christian, Hell is German for light. The light beer (which refers to color, not low cal) is very popular in this region. Awesome stuff. Also, this brew is a house brew and isn’t sold in stores outside of the restaurant.

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