Norsk Frokost (Norwegian Breakfast)

I’m particularly fond of the Norwegian breakfast. They boil down to a toast + spread combination. They typically feature a wide variety of breads and an even wider variety of toppings/spreads. They don’t always appear appetizing at first by American standards (I can see dark brown cheeses and pickled herring scaring off more than a few Americans), but they’re quite delicious and Sydney and I have been looking forward to them each morning.

Here’s a brief photo montage of this morning’s breakfast. Featured here are beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, butter, brunost, pickled herring, honey, red currant jam, raspberry jam, salami, mayonnaise, french brie, a basket with four different styles of bread (ranging from crunchy flat bread to a coarse homestyle loaf), butter, liver mush, apples, and prawn cream. We washed this down with black coffee and some fresh milk from the farm. Quite delicious.

Two items that we’ve had both days so far are waffles with clotted cream and black currant jam and Brunost (brown cheese that tastes like carmel). I didn’t snap a picture of the waffles unfortunately, but I did find a large display of Brunost varieties at the local Rema 1000 (THE grocery store of northern Norway). Brunost is a big deal.

Another new experience for me was the pickled herring. You just spread it right on your toast like jam. It looks about as appetizing as diced octopus, but is really quite good. I won some points with the Norwegians for trying this (Sydney had some too). It tastes just like tuna salad.

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