24 Hours of Light and Trondheim Shorthand

Below are Sydney and my reflections on Trondheim. Pardon the shorthand. We are rather pressed for time and aren’t able to be as expressive (and at times grammatical) as we’d like.

The most notable part of our trip so far is light. 24 hours of light. The sun technically sets between midnight and 3AM, but „set“ hours result in duskly light instead of direct sunlight.  I awoke suddenly at 2AM and seeing a bright blue silhoutte lining the curtains, discovered that night time isn’t really night time. And it’s difficult to sleep even just KNOWING that there’s light outside.


E.C. Dahls: The local Trondheim beer. It’s light, smooth, milky mouth feel, frothy. This pilsner also apparenly had hints of melon and banana. I could detect the banana, but the melon was lost on me.

Nogne o Saison: Sydney’s order. It tasted of lemon and coriander. Still light and citrusy. Unfiltered with yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle. The bartender recommended we shake the bottle at the last few sips and try the beer with the yeast. It didn’t really provide a brand new sensation, but still a terrific beer.

Nogne o Two Captains: This double IPA was hands down fantastic. Unlike most IPAs it had no bite or bitterness. It had a citrusy grapefruit flavor throughout and glowed a brilliant orange color in the sunlight. This may be one of the best beers  I’ve ever had.

We sat and enjoyed these marvelous beers on a dock alongside the river. It was bliss.

Aquavit: The Norwegian hard liquor of choice. It is a brandy with strong citrus aromas and finish. I ordered the local Trondheim variety. It was sufficiently noteworthy.


Older men and women look somewhat alike, they wear cargo zip off pants and hiking boots.. The trendier men wear dark colored, tight-fitting jeans and jackets with short cropped haircuts.

There are a surprising number of young people in this town. From what you read about the birth statistics in Europe, you wouldn’t expect to see such hordes of young folks loitering at the mall, attending a concert in the town square, or throwing a hotel party at 2AM three doors down from us.

Blonde has about 75 percent of the hair marketshare.

I really can’t speak highly enough of how friendly the people are. Everyone we have come across has gone beyond perfunctory niceties to really make us feel at home and appreciated. Excellent customer service, genuine and earnest people.


While Trondheim is one of the largest cities in Norway, the area is extremely peaceful. Very few cars on the streets. The river flows calmly, quietly cutting the city in two. Residents whiz by on a bicycle.

Every street corner and window sill, bridges, parks, and hanging baskets are spilling over with a variety of different flowers.

The streets are immaculate. No trash or debris. The air is light and crisp and very clean.

The terrain is of course remarkable. The mountains rise straight out of the sea. They’re jagged and unpredictable. They jut dramatically upwards and drop off without warning. The ridges are lined with tall evergreen confers. We haven’t seen the prime fjord yet, so don’t pass judgment.

We’re on a train now heading out of Trondheim to our family farm in Flatvad. The rolling hillsides, farm animals, and brightly colored houses never cease to provide something to look at. Even the fog, which regrettably clouds our vision, picturesquely hugs the landscape.

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