Touchdown Europe

So, we’ve landed.

A strip of green marshy land outside of Copenhagen was the first we saw of the continent.

Upon stepping off the plane I was immediately confronted with that somewhat forgotten feeling of otherness.

Tight suits, sharp outfits, jawlines, and blonde hair. Seeming sophistication. The people here have always been a marvel.

My first attempt at danish resulted in abject failure. I never understood their pronunciation. A simple croissant buying experience proved somewhat stressful. I had to deal with vertical insert credit card machines and the guy behind the convenience store counter lecturing me on America was the only country in the world that didn’t use pin numbers for their credit cards.

Sydney had yet another curious bathroom experience. In Puerto Rico she found herself locked inside the bathroom of some remote town in the rainforest and waited in vain for minutes hoping I would somehow (perhaps divine revelation) realize her situation and come to her aid. This time it was a swooshing automatic door without signs, designators, or buttons. Unaware of how to use this door and not wanting to look silly, she loitered outside the bathroom door waiting for a local to reveal its secret.

All in all it hasn’t been too tough an arrival. I just need to remind myself of how to feel comfortable sticking out – a sensation not experienced in three years.

We’re now waiting on the final flight to Trondheim.


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