Den Gode Nabo

This afternoon Sydney and I did a bit of sightseeing throughout Trondheim. Those pictures are to come. The real art of the afternoon was the terrific beers that we drank at a lovely beer hall called Den Gode Nabo. The bar stood on stilts along the river Nidelva and we sipped local brews from the dock and watched the river flow.

Oh, and there was this one cathedral…

One thought on “Den Gode Nabo

  1. Dahl’s is outstanding…enjoyed it many times.

    Attended a Sunday service, including a christening at Nidaros Cathedral some years back. The cathedral setting, the condensation from the pastor’s words in the cold air (it was in February), against the kaleidoscopic shafts of light from the stained glass windows, made it truly majestic. Surprisingly, the baby did not cry when the baptism brought what had to be very cold water to its forehead.

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